Playtime Cool

Today I took my son to the library for story and rhyme time.  This was my attempt to expose him to an atmosphere where he is “not” the center of attention.  I feel that it is important for children, especially 12-18 months, to learn how to share and interact positively with children their own age.

Now, this may be too much information but, I woke up fed Justin, washed him and got him ready for the event.  I myself, chose the more simplistic route to getting ready called “the bird bath”, brush my teeth, wash my face.  I did put on clean clothes but, I can guarantee you that nothing really matched.  My hair looked semi-decent because I put beautiful curls in it yesterday for work so, it kind of fell into place.  Well, we were on our way and I will just say that the experience was … interesting (that is a post for another time).  During the singing and moving around (parents of course had to sit on the floor with their children) and chasing after my son, I realized that maybe I should have taken a little more time on myself when getting ready.

Here are some of my suggestions for keeping it playtime cool:

1.  It must be comfortable.  You will be moving around, bouncing your child, running after your child, etc.

2.  Bright is alright.  Bright colors are cheerful and lighten up your mood and the mood of those around you.

3.  You can be hip.  Express your creative side.  If you want to wear color blocks, tribal prints, fifteen bangles on one arm, go ahead and do it (maybe not the bangles, too noisy).

4.  Layer.  You never know what the temperature is going to be inside.  If you layer, you can at least take a layer off or put a layer on to feel comfortable.

5.  Pockets or shoulder sack.  You need to have pockets for easy access to snacks, cell phone, car keys, wipes, etc.

So, I’ve come up with some suggestions (mainly for myself) using  Take a look!


Playtime Cool

Casual FurDay!!

Casual FurDay!!

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Movies and Life


This past weekend I decided to take my 10 year-old daughter to see the movie Mirror Mirror.  Since, I have had my son, it has been hard to spend quality time with just my daughter.  She has been such a good sport about it, that I had to reward her.  So, all weekend long we did things together like walk around the neighborhood (she rode her bike), chill at the bookstore (she had to get Hunger Games because the movie is coming out and Liam is “sooooo cuuute”), cook-out ( I burnt the first batch of jerk chicken), and go to the movies.  I really enjoy any time that I get to spend with my daughter because she loves mommy’s attention and I love learning more and more about the person she is developing into.

So, onto the movie.  Julia Roberts was phenomenal in her role as the wicked step-mother in Mirror Mirror.  The “Snow White”was a beautiful actress whom was appropriately cast for the role.  I think the thing that I appreciated most about the movie was the lesson learned or should I say taught to my daughter.  The lesson is that everyone has strength within and we are our only hindrance.  Sometimes environment and circumstances prohibit an accurate portrayal of our inner strength but, it is there waiting to be tapped into.  And sometimes the limitations are just within our minds.  This lesson hit home for me, because sometimes I do not accept freelance assignments or even try for them because I feel that I may disappoint myself or the business/person that I would work for.  I have since, changed this mindset and recognize my many talents and go after any opportunity that I may qualify for.

We started off with face painting in the lobby of the theatre and ended up enjoying a movie with great casting, excellent creativity, awesome graphics,humor that appealed to both myself and my 10 year old daughter, and a lesson learned for the both of us.  All-in-all it was a terrific weekend.

She’s Come Undone


      I can tell you honestly that Wally Lamb is a phenomenal writer.  He has perfected the craft of bringing characters to life so that the reader can relateand empathize with them.  I have taught characterization to my students on many occasions and if they weren’t middle schoolers, I would tell them to read one of Wally Lamb’s books for the best example out there.

Anyway, it has been awhile since my last post and I have been working on getting a routine down now that I am the parent of TWO children.  I can say that I have my good days and my bad days.  There is some thingsthat I have learned in the past couple of months since I last wrote and that is that I want to eat healthier and train my children to do the same and stress less.  Stress is an energy zapper and can lead to all kinds of physical ailments not to mention writer’s block.  But, I have recommitted to my poetry anthology and added the new task of children’s books.  At first, I considered it “not-my-thing,” but, then I wanted more options for great books to read to my son.  So, why not create that option for myself?

My focus is on building my brand and making a decision in regards to my career choice.  I am an educator and love education itself but, I love small groups and at-risk groups.  I will be looking for opportunities to serve children in that capacity.