A Dose of Reality

I receive a lot of emails because I am a part of a lot of different communities on the web.  The title of one of the emails miffed me and got me to thinking.  It read something like this “What I Gave Up to Be A Mom…” Wow!  I thought about that for a split second and the first thing that I said out loud was that we all give up something when we become a mom, so what?  I didn’t bother opening this particular email and I am sure that if I did, I would have been enlightened in some way but, I also did not want to take the chance of it going the opposite direction.  To me, motherhood is a wonderful experience that allows us to learn more about who we really are.  It challenges us, stretches us in ways that we would never imagine that we would go through let alone withstand.  We persevere!  Now, about this “giving things up”.  I guess that this all depends on perspective.  I believe that what is supposed to happen, happens and that there really isn’t an alternative reality.  Now, in saying that, I also believe that some of us give up on things that were truly our passion and should not have been given up on but, postponed.  There lies the real question to ponder; did you give up on something that should have been postponed or a little bit altered to fit your new life with kiddo’s?  Life doesn’t stop.  I used to start my sentences off the same way years ago that mirrored the title of that email but, I learned that life is exactly how you want it to be and how you make it.  There are some twists and turns that you had nothing to do with but, your reaction to them is what makes you either a dynamic woman or miserable mom.  Don’t be the miserable mom.


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