The Advantages of a “Like Community”

artKnot Group

If you are the only creative type in your close friendship group and need a support system to bounce ideas off of or to keep you in the game, then may be able to provide some new contacts to aide you.  I found about four years ago and it was life changing.  Any interest or hobby that you have, there is a group that has been formed to accommodate and motivate you.  The only challenge is finding one in your immediate area.  The main page asks for you to enter your zip code and then from there you can search by keywords such as “author, poets, bikers, wine enthusiasts, religion, etc.”

Sometimes we need to create a community of like-minded and in this case like-interested individuals as ourselves. It can open doors to new opportunities and experiences that can lead to advancements in your life that you never imagined.  Take a look here at



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