Back in the Swing of Things!!!

Well, I’m in my new place and I have finally unpacked; it took two weeks.  I have been enjoying the school year so far but, the amount of homework my daughter has each night is a little daunting.  I still have pictures to hang but, my main concern is trying to show her attention and keep reminding her that she is still important even though her little brother will be here in less than a month.  It had been her and I for the past ten years so, this is definitely new for the both of us.  She is trying out for cheerleading and I hope she makes it, even though truth be told, my child lacks rhythm.  Writing that hurts just as much as saying it since, dancing is my thing!

In trying to pursue activities with her before the baby comes, I have registered us for an MS (multiple sclerosis) event where she will be able to go on hay rides, pumpkin smash, etc.  She doesn’t know it yet, and I will keep it a surprise just in case I go into labor before the event occurs and can’t take her.  I believe that it is important to include your child in the events surrounding a new baby and answer any questions that they may have.  This soothes and squelches any fears of being “left out”.

Anyway, I will keep you guys up to date in regards to how cheerleading try-outs go.  Keep your fingers crossed.


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