Mental Stamina

Well, a new school year is about to begin for both myself and my daughter.  I have to buy uniforms, register for the baby shower (I have a son on the way), attend meetings before I start work ( I teach also) and a billion other things.  So, my question is when do I find the time to sit down and actually study my mind on writing.  I have bookmarked countless freelance writing opportunities and have yet to apply to one of them in the past three weeks.  It has been that busy.  With the new baby on the way, my daughter wants all of my attention which is typical for an only child that has spent the last ten years concerned with only herself.

Meanwhile, I am staying with my sister until my apartment is ready in October so, all of my things are in storage and my life seems off-balance.  It is easier for me to write these short blurbs for my blog but, harder to write more lengthy pieces that are targeted for future positions.  Anyway, I have gathered my notebook and agenda and tonight I will create a schedule that will at least allow me to apply to three freelance writing positions before the school year starts in a week. Wish me luck.


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